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Has dedicated The last 20 years of his life to the manufacturing of fine Upholstered  furnishings. Self-devoted, he has practice and learned  upholstery   from old timers in the business with whom he has worked for over decades. He has gained  extraodinary experience and worked For the best upholstery shops in the New York City area since the early 1990's. The son of a seamtress, whose grandfather was also a reputable tailor in the Dominican Republic, she dedicated her life to the design and making of clothing in the early 1970's. There's no doubt that his devotion for upholstery comes from his roots. He was brought up and lived surrounded by threads and fabrics most of his childhood. Sal Loves every aspect of the trade from the smell of fresh cut wood, to the soft feeling of silk velvets! He is passionate and dedicated to his profession and hopes to leave every customer just as pleased with his work!